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At CLI, we're not just talking – we're walking the talk. Our mission is clear: to nurture a new generation of young climate champions from all corners the farthest reaches of the globe. From the windswept plains of Africa to the tranquil islands of the Pacific, we're lighting the way where it's needed most.

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Step into the world of our extraordinary team members, where passion for our mission meets unwavering dedication. From every corner of the globe, they bring diverse perspectives and boundless energy to drive positive change. Behind the scenes, these individuals form the backbone of our organization, working tirelessly to nurture a new generation of climate leaders. Get to know the faces behind our collective vision, each one contributing their unique talents to make a difference in the world.

Justina Aurea Belo headshot
Justina Aurea Belo
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Justina coordinates the New Generation group at the Climate Leadership Initiative and is deeply involved in UNFCCC negotiations, supporting the Least Developed Countries Group (LDC Group) on Loss and Damage issues. She also oversees national programs under the Montreal Protocol, working closely with UNEP and UNDP to enforce policies for environmental sustainability. With over five years of experience, Justina's efforts focus on phasing out harmful substances and promoting climate action.

Honorine Isingizwe Headshot
Honorine Isingizwe
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Honorine is a climate leader and actively involved in the climate negotiations since 2021. She is a 2021 climate ambassador of Global Youth Climate Network; an Initiative of the World Bank Group’s Youth2Youth community. Honorine is a member of the first cohort of the New Generation and a co-coordinator of the second cohort. She is very driven and her commitment to finding and offering solutions to communities’ problems with a focus on environmental sustainability and youth empowerment.

Hyacinthe Niyitegeka Headshot
Hyacinthe Niyitegeka
Coordination support
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Hyacinthe Niyitegeka is a climate negotiator and a member of the first cohort of the New Generation Program. In her role as a coordinator at the Loss and Damage Collaboration, she provides support to the current fellows of the New Generation and serves as a mentor to one of the fellows.

Brenda Mwale
Brenda Mwale
Communications Manager
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Brenda Mwale is a climate change advocate with vast knowledge and experience in international climate change action focusing on youth and gender mainstreaming. She is a Loss and Damage negotiator for Malawi and part of the Loss and Damage Collaboration as Finance Working Group Coordinator. She currently working with Green Girls Platform, a female-led organisation, established to address challenges that women and girls face due to climate-induced disasters. Brenda is providing communication and social media support to the New Generation.

Erin Roberts Headhsot
Erin Roberts
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Erin is passionate about empowering young climate leaders from the global South. She supports the New Generation in her role leading both the Loss and Damage Collaboration and the Climate Leadership Initiative. Erin provides guidance and mentorship to the New Generation support team and supports the mentors and fellows as needed.

Camilla More Headshot
Camilla More
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Camilla is an Australian lawyer who has been following the UN climate negotiations closely since 2017. She works in IIED’s Global Climate Law, Policy and Governance Team to support the Least Developed Countries Group achieve equitable and ambitious outcomes in UN climate negotiations, particularly those related to loss and damage. Camilla passionately hates jargon, but sometimes can’t help it. Camilla provides guidance and mentorship to the New Generation support team.

Adeline Cyuzuzo
Adeline Cyuzuzo
Capacity Building Co-Lead
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Adeline is a water and environmental engineer passionate about climate change and sustainable development. She coordinates the storytelling working group of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC) and has followed the climate negotiations since 2022. She focuses on climate finance.

Alpha Djalon Headshot
Alpha Djalon
Capacity Building Lead
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Alpha is a mining engineer with a focus on environment and occupational health and safety in the workplace. He is certified in impact investment, public management, civic leadership, and entrepreneurship. In his role managing projects focuses on environmental impact assessment and conservation. Currently, he is an Associate Partner and Project Manager for Greendeveeve Sarl and is also the Executive Director of Greentransformation2050, which focuses on ensuring environmental integrity and sustainable development in light of climate change. Alpha began following the UNFCCC process in 2022 and focuses on Loss and Damage. He is currently coordinating the work of the first cohort.

Heidi White Profile Picture
Heidi White
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Heidi is an Australian lawyer and independent consultant. She undertakes various roles supporting both government and non-government actors to make progress in the UNFCCC negotiations on Loss and Damage. She has particular expertise in the Santiago Network negotiations, which she sees as an essential opportunity to enhance action and support for developing countries in addressing loss and damage in their communities. She was previously an associate at the Federal Court of Australia.

The New Generation Fellowship has immensely helped me deepen my knowledge in regards to climate induced loss and damage, develop my skills in policy analysis, while fostering an environment of support that allowed me to strengthen my relationship with my country's climate change negotiators delegation and enhance my impact at COP28 by arranging meetings with policy makers from around the world to express my concerns around loss and damage historical responsibilities and funding.”
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Bruno Sirote

Second Cohort of the New Generation

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